Mally Skok

Mally Skok is founder of Mally Skok Design, an interior design firm specializing in private residences and small commercial projects. Based in the town of Lincoln (west of Boston), the firm was started in 1998 by Mally, whose design flair was acquired over many years living in London, Boston and South Africa. Mally’s decorating style is to layer the old with the new, and add the unexpected. She likes to create rooms that are fresh and comfortable. She feels it is important that a room is visually pleasing but still inviting and never pretentious. Appropriate is one of her key words in decorating. Adding accessories and works of art is essential in making a room feel friendly and lived in.

Mally Skok Design Fabrics launched its first collection — The India Collection — early in 2009, followed by the Ikat Crazy in 2010, The Africa Collection in 2011, and the latest Suzani Luv in 2013. Later in 2013 we launched our Brimfield collection of fabric and wallpaper in three colourways. In 2014 we introduced our Istanbul Collection, featuring Sofia, Sofia Minor and a co-ordinating wallpaper. The Istanbul collection also has a small scale Imogen print in three colourways.