May 20-22, 2024 | CHATHAM BARS INN | CHATHAM, MA

A conference and networking event accessible to today's and future leaders in the luxury home design industry who run, own, manage, or aspire to lead home design businesses around the country.


2024 Registration will open in early Fall

Thank you to our Advisory Board, Sponsors, Attendees, and Speakers for an awesome conference --
the best yet to date!

Thomas A. Kligerman
Architect and Founder
Kligerman Architecture & Design

Nina Campbell
Designer and Principal
Nina Campbell

Jay Acunzo
Author, Coach, and Consultant
Jay Acunzo

About the Conference

Now entering its fourth year, the Luxury Home Design Summit, presented by New England Home and Esteem Media, is a conference and networking event accessible to today’s and future leaders in the luxury home design industry who run, own, manage, or aspire to lead home design businesses around the country.

This unique event is focused on helping passionate and creative architects, interior design principals, landscape architects and designers, builders, contractors, and showroom operators and suppliers who serve the luxury design market. Summit programming will help these professionals develop foundational market knowledge, business vision, key skills, problem-solving, and community by providing face-to-face access to leading experts on innovation, affluent consumers, effective leadership, and maximizing performance.

Who Should Attend


Attendees will be principals and leaders representing the following areas: 

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Building/Contracting
  • Showrooms, Retailers, and Suppliers serving the luxury New England design market
  • National luxury design brands aspiring to build and enhance relationships in the design community
  • Bloggers, digital marketplaces, media and PR professionals
  • Design Centers

Why Attend

Adam Japko, founder of the Design Influencers Conference and co-founder of the Luxury Design Summit, shares his vision for the Luxury Home Design Summit and the rationale for creating this unique event.

Why Attend:

  • Develop cutting-edge business and market knowledge via in-depth conference sessions
  • Create an insightful vision to keep luxury design businesses prepared and strong
  • Explore innovative ideas from industry thought leaders and experts from inside and outside the New England region
  • Senior level networking opportunities with other leaders in the luxury design community

2022 Conference Rated the Best to Date by Attendees

Presenting Sponsors New England Home and Esteem Media are thrilled to announce that the 2023 Luxury Home Design Summit will return to the Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, MA on May 22-24, 2023. The 2022 conference was was rated the best to date in our surveys with our attendees, sponsors, and speakers!

"The event continues to be received so favorably from our New England luxury home design community as well as the national sponsors and attendees who participated from outside the New England region, " said Kathy Bush-Dutton, publisher of New England Home magazine

Both Industry and Outside-Industry Speakers in the Program

Andrew Cogar, Susan Ferrier, Patti Carpenter, and Milton Pedraza joined the illustrious speaker roster which also included many renowned outside-industry speakers like Jaimy Szymanski and Rachael Bozsik.

Attendees included principals and leaders representing the following areas: architecture,  interior design, landscape architecture, building and contracting,  showrooms, retailers, and suppliers serving the luxury New England design market, national luxury design brands aspiring to build relationships in New England design community, traditional media, bloggers, digital marketplaces, and PR, and Design Centers.

“The Luxury Home Design Summit is focused on helping the professional design community see both today’s and tomorrow’s inflection points while providing context for navigating them successfully,” said Adam Japko,  CEO of co-presenting event sponsor Esteem Media and founder of the Design Influencers Conference. ” While many other design events are produced to help attendees optimize current business systems, continue design education, and hear design icons recant their journeys, the Luxury Home Design Summit is a serious education and networking forum for owners and leaders of professional design businesses hoping to build lasting enterprises with considerable value.”

Topics from 2022 conference included:
-Creating legacy and sustaining design culture through firm leadership transition
-Success paths to post-pandemic high net worth clients
-The future of home design, driven by technology disruption
-The post-pandemic client: changes in residential architecture, building, interior design, and landscape design
-Real, rooted and rejuvenated: contemplating the future, connecting the past
-Hospitality driving design
-Creating predictable financial roadmaps and results
-Can risk management turn holistic?
-Insights on career arch and creative fulfillment
-Embracing the home technology fast forward
-Brand building: gain luxury clients consistently
-An array of informal roundtables topics:
--How to grow, diversify, and monetize your design business - it's all about the long game
--What editors need now (for inclusion in their digital pages)
--Moving from fear to optimism: how to protect yourself at home, while on the move and online
--The psychology of luxury marketing: learn to leverage your brand

Hope to see you in May 2023!



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