Luxury Home Design Summit
May 19-21, 2019
Chatham Bars Inn Resort and Spa
Chatham, MA


Sunday, May 19, 2019

12:00PM - 7:00PM

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Opening Keynote: Timothy Corrigan

What happens when a global advertising icon shifts careers and ends up a leading Design Tastemaker? Prior to forming his design firm in 1998, Timothy Corrigan capped a successful career in advertising by heading up one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, Saatchi & Saatchi’s Bates' Worldwide international operations. Timothy has impeccable style and taste, and his business boomed, aided by a quick mind, French Chateaux, and a nimble media and content program.  Timothy will take us through his career and how he used different content forms and marketing tactics to become one of the best-known names in design.

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Timothy Corrigan
Internationally Celebrated Interior Designer,
Entrepreneur, and Tastemaker




Welcome Reception at the Chatham Bars Inn Resort
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Monday, May 20, 2019


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Welcome and Introduction



Kathy Bush
New England Home
Co-Founder, Luxury Home Design Summit



Keynote: Steve Miller-Creating an Uncopyable Advantage

All businesses need to separate themselves from their competition. Organizations have historically relied on three primary components: product, service, and price. Today, products and services have become commoditized, and being “better” isn’t good enough. Being Uncopyable requires a new, fourth, component: attachment. Attachment strategies include Uncopyable branding, experience, and innovation.



Steve Miller
Renowned consultant and speaker on marketing and branding
Author, Uncopyable



Rethinking Luxury Design Marketing: The Media - Part 1

2018 was the year Design Media experienced the most tangible culmination of innovation and challenge that has brewed since the industry's recovery in 2012.  Venerable national media faced head on challenges from digital upstarts, new media formats, and a legacy national operating model configured around an industry driven by local commerce.  Hear from media veterans and pundits on how it has all coalesced and what the media landscape might look like in the near future.


Stacy Kunstel
Stylist, Editor, Writer, and Producer





Clinton Smith
Award-Winning Journalist
Luxury Design and Lifestyles
Former Editor-in-Chief, Veranda



Networking and Refreshment Break 
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11:30AM - 12:30PM

Rethinking Luxury Design Marketing: Marketing Solutions for Design Professionals- Part 2

Driven by media developments and changing consumer habits/demographics, design professionals are reinventing traditional branding and transactional marketing tactics. From podcast, influencer, social media, and digital marketing strategies, design professionals have grabbed the opportunities in front of them to increase their own fair share of their markets. Hear from leaders in this marketing revolution and build a new edge in your own marketing activities.



Stacy Kunstel
Stylist, Editor, Writer, and Producer



Adam Japko
CEO, Esteem Media
Founder, Design Influencers Conference
Co-Founder, Luxury Home Design Summit



NextGen Family Business Leadership in a Transitional World

Private design businesses with years of successful histories, whether or not family owned, face all the same inflection points that larger private and publicly owned companies regularly grapple with.  Managing through market downturns, style shifts, product redevelopment, capital investment, acquisitions, divestiture, and more can be intimidating.  Without experienced boards and expensive advisors, decision making during these phases can weigh heavy on operators.  Hear from George Matouk, Jr., who now operates a luxury textile company founded by his grandfather in 1929, about how he took advantage of pivotal moments and is now leading a third-generation family business to a healthy and sustainable future.



George Matouk, Jr.
John Matouk & Co.


Lunch at the Beach House Grill- Chatham Bars Inn Resort
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The Outlook for the Luxury Home Industry

Liza Hausman
Vice President, Industry Marketing


Session 6 - Topic and speaker to be announced shortly


Round Table/Learning Lab with Steve Miller

Now that you’ve heard his philosophy of being Uncopyable, here’s your chance to go deeper. Steve will share the three methods for implementing Stealing Genius, plus answer your questions about how you can transform your business into a Category of One!



Steve Miller
Renowned consultant and speaker on marketing and branding
Author, Uncopyable


Networking Reception at the Beach House Grill at Chatham Bars Inn Resort
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


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Breakfast at the Chatham Bars Inn Resort


Keynote: Alexa Hampton


Alexa Hampton
Renowned Interior Designer and Author
Principal, Mark Hampton


The Secret Sauce- Creating a Showroom Environment that Spells Success with the Affluent Customer

In 2017, Sean was named one of the “Top 50 Innovators” in the kitchen and bath industry by Kitchen & Bath Design News. Sean Clarke’s company is known as a trailblazer in marketing to the affluent consumer. In this exciting presentation, he will share key lessons learned through more than 25 years of creating and evolving the experiential showroom environment that continuously inspires consumers to fall in love with Clarke’s luxury brands. 

In this original talk, audience members will learn:

  • Details of proprietary Clarke consumer research, conducted in 2018, that unlocks what affluent consumers value most in a showroom setting.
  • How to engage upscale homeowners with sensual and tactile experiences.
  • Valuable lessons learned about accomplishing more with less square footage. 

Sean will dedicate 30 minutes to an entertaining and informative “show and tell” that not only explains Clarke’s “secret sauce,” but also shows images of the environments they have designed to inspire the most discerning homeowners. He will also share information about how Clarke’s meticulously trained team guides affluent consumers to select Clarke products and add on items that they never anticipated buying. Following the presentation, Clarke will offer a 15-minute Q&A session.


Sean Clarke
Clarke Distributors


Networking and Refreshment Break


Primary Design for Second Homes: Exploring the Similarities and Differences in Designing Second Homes for a Discerning and Sophisticated Market

Luxury-market second homes have become paramount in the design industry wherein many clients are requesting the same level of architectural and interior design services for their second homes. Abundant areas for entertaining and accommodating guests are as important as refined home offices so that both owners and guests can be ensured of extended stays. Whether designing homes for the coast, mountains, or urban pied-a-terre’s, clients expect the same level of quality, beauty, and functionality in their second homes as found in their primary homes. Designers are challenged with meeting all of the needs of their clients while also creating homes that speak to the vernacular of the area and are sensitive to the environment, climate, and culture of the place.

Suzanna Cullen Hamilton will explore this topic with renowned interior designers Suzanne Kasler and William Peace to discuss the evolution of the second home now designed as a primary home, and to share their experiences of both the similarities and differences in designing second homes around the world.


Suzanne Kasler

Preeminent Designer and Principal
Suzanne Kasler, Inc


William Peace

Founder and Principal
Peace Design


Suzanna Cullen Hamilton
ART SMART Strategies, LLC.


Rebecca Vizard: Passion to Purpose

Design pros generally do not launch themselves into the profession because they aspire to build a large business entity and globally recognized brand.  It could be passion, serendipity, or even a way to travel around the world looking and look at pretty objects and patterns.  But as these businesses find success, navigating cash flows, normal business challenges, and sustainable growth rates are a few of the numerous inflection points that define longer-term success.  Hear Becky Vizard share her story and how she moved through key stages of her business to become one of the most recognized brands in her corner of the global design industry and see how her brand and market niche slowly unfolded for her to embrace.



Rebecca Vizard
B.Viz Boutique


Lunch at the Beach House Grill at Chatham Bars Inn Resort


Branding Case Study: Luxury Residential Architecture

So many great architectural firms excel and actively promote their unique attention to purpose and function, character and location of the site, methods of construction, value for money, design quality and style, as well as a host of other matters promoted by a large pool of successful architects.  Creating a firm brand around its large body of work and things that make any single firm uniquely successful and desirable are at the core of the brand story.  In this session, you will hear how branding an architectural firm can be a difference maker and how to represent it in a way that resonates with like-minded clients and trade partners.

Speaker to be announced shortly.


Session 12-Topic and speaker to be announced shortly


Closing Remarks and Conference Adjourns