2022 Agenda


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Monday, May 23, 2022

1:00PM - 6:30PM

Registration for the Conference in the Monomoy building on the campus of the Chatham Bars Inn 

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Champagne Tasting and Conference Kick-Off in Monomoy

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Kathy Bush
Publisher, New England Home
Co-Founder, Luxury Home Design Summit


Opening Keynote: Creating Legacy and Sustaining Design Culture Through Firm Leadership Transitions 

Andrew Cogar, is the president of Historical Concepts, a 45-person traditional architecture and planning firm with offices in Atlanta and New York.  Andrew is the second generation of leadership for Historical Concepts, now in its 40th year, and is continuing the legacy of the firm’s founder, Jim Strickland.  Andrew will share some perspective on Jim’s core design philosophies, and illustrate how these values and principles, upon which Historical Concepts was established, have guided the firm’s growth and set its course for future generations.

Attendees will learn via Historical Concepts’ experiences and project case studies:

  • Discover avenues to ensure a continuum of design excellence as your firm expands and/or transitions from one generation to another
  • Explore a design process that can be scaled to any market, project size or style, and create opportunities for greater project diversity while still being identifiable with the overall firm brand

Learn how that defined yet open design process leads to deep collaboration internally while creating meaningful engagement with clients and other design professionals.


Andrew Cogar
Architect and President
Historical Concepts

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Success Paths To Post-Pandemic High Net Worth Clients

As America emerges from a pandemic, High Net Worth (HNW) consumer values, needs, and preferences continue to evolve. How can the luxury home industry remain agile in a time of accelerating change? Luxury Institute will share key insights from its most recent HNW consumer and luxury executive research as well as recommendations for thriving in the 2020s.

Milton Pedraza
Chairman, DataLucent
Chief Executive Officer, Luxury Institute

4:45PM - 5:00PM

Monday Marquee Presentation by Cambria
The Cambria team will showcase the brand’s innovation, quality, and craftsmanship in an array of applications—from wall cladding, shower surrounds, tile, furniture, fireplaces, wainscoting, and, of course,








Heidi Edwards
Regional Director of Sales, Design Channel–Boston, Cambria


Courtney Genovese

VP of Sales, Design Channel Cambria

Franco Rivera

Architectural and Interior Designer Principal, Franco Rivera Design

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Welcome Reception-  Chatham Bars Inn

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Registration in Monomoy
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Breakfast at the Chatham Bars Inn Resort

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Welcome and Introduction


Adam Japko
CEO, Esteem Media
Co-Founder, Luxury Home Design Summit
Founder, Design Influencers Conference


Amy Flurry
PR and Media Consultant
Co-Founder, Paper-Cut Project
Founder and Partner, Aloka Home



9:30AM - 10:15AM

Keynote: The Future of Home Design, Driven by Technology Disruption

Emerging technologies are shifting homebuyer experiences, expectations, and behaviors, changing the way stakeholders within the luxury home design ecosystem must operate to remain relevant and competitive. To digitally transform, companies must prepare for the technology disruption on the horizon and align on strategic direction for the future––all with their clients' needs at the core of innovation. In this speech, Jaimy Szymanski will focus on empowering and inspiring audience members by sharing:

  • Examples of how disruptive technologies and related trends will impact current approaches to luxury home design (including: NFTs, sustainability tech, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, smart home, the metaverse, and more)
  • Opportunities for multiple industry stakeholders to take advantage of these technologies, including architects, builders, interior designers, landscape architects, and more
  • Drivers, catalysts, roadblocks, and challenges that luxury home designers will encounter in planning for emerging technologies and changes in client expectations

Jaimy Szymanski
Industry Analyst and Founding Partner
Kaleido Insights





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The Post-Pandemic Client: Changes in Residential Architecture, Building, Interior Design, and Landscape Design

While the pandemic washed over the world with immediate repercussions to all, it unleashed innate preferences in a world that in some ways felt more sensible than pre pandemic everyday life. Many of those inherent preferences revolved around the home and a more contained lifestyle. The lasting impact of this shift are at the center of new luxury home owners' preferences. Recognizing this and incorporating them in structures, interiors, and landscapes means new ways to approach projects. Hear from our panel on their current day experiences and ideas about the future of home design and client lifestyles.


Amy Flurry
PR and Media Consultant
Co-Founder, Paper-Cut Project
Founder and Partner, Aloka Home







Daniel Kahan
Principal Partner
Smith and Moore Architects




Kyle Lissack
President and Builder




Melanie Millner
Principal and Interior Designer
The Design Atelier 




Geoffrey Valentino, PLA, ASLA
Director of Design, Chicago Studio
Hollander Design | Landscape Architects






Networking and Refreshment Break in Monomoy

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11:30AM - 12:15PM

Real, Rooted And Rejuvenated: Contemplating the Future-Connecting the Past

As we contemplate our path forward, looking back will greatly inform our future. Join Global Trend Ambassador, Patti Carpenter to discover the emerging international trends in color, print, surface design and materials as we forge forward with a focus on their influences in the US home decor Market for 2022 and beyond.


Patti Carpenter
Global Trend Ambassador
Principal and Designer
carpenter + company


Hospitality Driving Design

Why do so many backyards look like resorts?  The hospitality industry is charged with finding ways to outdo visitors' residential experiences? It is no secret that smart hoteliers often launch residential design trends.  In this session hospitality operators with strong design agendas will share their approach to creating experiential beauty and comfort that often finds their way into residential projects.


Rob Blood
Founder and President, Lark Hotels
Principal, Elder & Ash

Megan Kennedy
Creative Director, Lark Hotels
Principal, Elder & Ash

Patty Cooke
Principal, Wentworth Style, LLC






Lunch at the Chatham Bars Inn 

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Roundtable Sessions  - more topics and chairs to be announced
Relevant topics within disciplines or cross-disciplines will be spearheaded by roundtable chairs during the second part of lunch -- space is limited to first-come, first-served.

Roundtable #1: Influencer Marketing: Making it Work in Local Geographies
Influencer marketing is the purest legitimization and organization of powerful social media referral activity. While IM erupted a few years ago with celebrity mentions and endorsements, organic preferences of consumers wanting to hear from somebody they are closer to and understand to be thoughtful about a particular topic ruled the day. The rise of the nano and micro influencer (social media participants with smaller and more intimate followings) created significant opportunities for local and regional marketers too. For the luxury home design professional, it is a way to formalize marketing collaboration across disciplines for mutual outcomes. Hear from Adam Japko, who has been sharing this concept across the country to groups of real estate and home design pros to help them establish parameters and approaches for powerful local influencer marketing.

Adam Japko
CEO, Esteem Media
Founder, Design Influencers Conference
Co-Founder. Luxury Home Design Summit

Roundtable Topic #2: How to Grow, Diversify and Monetize Your Design Business
It’s All About the Long Game
Learn how to capitalize on your strengths and talents that you don’t even realize you have. Especially during times of uncertainty in business, it is  beneficial to know you have other services to offer other than your design services in order to stay relevant. During this talk you’ll learn how to monetize your passion and grow your business by tapping into those sleepy and unused talents you may not even know are there.

Debbe Daley

Interior Designer and Principal
Debbe Daley Designs

Roundtable Topic #3: WHAT EDITORS NEED NOW (for inclusion in their digital pages)
Is your design work ready for media attention and are there better opportunities beyond print? Join Recipe for Press founder Amy Flurry for a behind-the-scenes fact-check on what editors are looking for in a pitch to their online pages and social channels. Prepare to learn smart ways to win your projects, products, and you positive notice and meaningful placements from today’s fresh faces of digital press.

Amy Flurry
PR and Media Consultant
Co-Founder, Paper-Cut Project
Founder and Partner, Aloka Home


Roundtable Topic #4: Moving from Fear to Optimism: How to Protect Yourself
at Home, While on the Move and Online
What risks do you need to prepare for or respond to in your personal life? Financial, safety and security, legal, technology and medical are just some of them. Are you concerned about yourself, your spouse / partner, children or parents? Join Jack in discussing some practical measures you can take to gain some level of control so you can sleep at night.

Jack Faer
Faer Risk Consulting

Roundtable Topic # 5: Going Slow to Go Fast
 In this busy landscape, where would it actually be better to slow down in order to do your best work? How do you find effective ways to slow down where you need to? How do you mitigate concerns when it feels like slowing down is too dangerous?

Allison Iantosca
Owner and President
F.H. Perry Builder



"In the luxury market, people buy you first and your portfolio second."
- Rachael Bozsik (as quoted in Architectural Digest)

Spend 45 minutes developing your brand marketing strategy alongside Rachael Bozsik, a Harvard Business School Speaker and in-demand Elite Personal Branding Coach behind some of the nation's most talented, female home professionals. Rachael will walk you through the psychology of luxury marketing from pricing to consultation calls, service offerings and biography write up so you can gain high-end clients consistently. During this conversation, Rachael will coach you through how to discover your goldmine and unleash your marketing potential... all while authentically selling your firm's personal brand.

Rachael Bozsik
Harvard Business School Speaker
Strategic Branding Coach


Creating Predictable Financial Roadmaps and Results

Each action in your business has meaningful financial reactions. Does that make sense to you? This session focuses on maximizing profitability by setting up structures and systems that allow design professionals to feel confident in their operations.  The first step is understanding your firm’s financial levers and profitability. Charting your course and tracking your progress will produce significant insights and transform you into a financially informed operator.

Bill has served as CFO of Bruce Bierman Design for 17 years and advises and manages several Design firms on an outsourced basis.

This session will focus on:

  • Getting the right people in the right positions
  • Fee Structure – Charging for all the services you perform.
  • Client Relations – i.e., Holding firm on decisions and billing
  • Financial Forecasting – key to planning
  • Profitability by project – determine how much you made or lost on each project

Bill Stern
CFO, Bruce Bierman Design


Can Risk Management Turn Holistic?

Organizations and individuals often miss the big picture when thinking about managing risk in their lives and businesses. Gaps in managing risk can develop if too many cans of risk are constantly kicked down the road. As business operators we often focus on risks areas with which we have experience. This session will demonstrate how limited resources can be allocated in a thoughtful way. We will focus on the ones that are most likely to occur or could have the greatest impact, not just the ones we understand. Understanding that one risk impacts another, this session will help you set goals and strategies to reduce risk overall.


Jack Faer
Faer Risk Consulting


Tuesday Marquee Presentation by Monogram


Heather Guerriero Dans

As a Monogram Sales Manager, Heather is passionate about increasing awareness of the Monogram brand. A high energy sales pro, she is dedicated to educating leaders in the luxury home industry about the materials, performance, and ownership experience they can offer clients, and the opportunities they can enjoy, when working with Monogram.



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Networking Reception at the Chatham Bars Inn

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Registration for the Conference at Monomoy
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Breakfast at the Beach House Grill in the Chatham Bars Inn

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Keynote: Insights on Career Arch and Creative Fulfillment

Susan Ferrier’s work and projects, through her career, have fulfilled her creative appetite. Sometimes that occurred as a key player in firms where your name is not on the shingle. You may start with a dream opportunity where you are fulfilled by collaboration by other accomplished design pros and produce globally award-winning work.  In other cases you have creativity which cannot be satisfied within the bounds of the current organization.  What makes super talented design pros look for more?

In this session, Susan will share her own career arch in retrospective ways that will:

  • Help you navigate through the occasional uncertainties in your own paths
  • Why top talent leaves successful firms and high-paying positions
  • How to create cultures that nurture creativity and growth that produces long tenures
  • What are the signs that it's time to hang your own shingle?

Keynote Sponsored by:


Susan Ferrier
Award-Winning Interior Designer
Principal, Susan Ferrier Interiors

10:00AM - 10:15AM

Wednesday Marquee Presentation by Canvas - Measure Fast and Design Faster with 3D Scanning

3D capture has emerged in recent years as the leading technology to document as-built conditions for estimation and quoting, planning and design, and visualization and collaboration. Recent advances have led to significant reductions in cost and therefore have become more accessible to interior designers, architects and remodelers working on all kinds of projects. Learn how 3D capture can save you time and money on both measuring and modeling.



Jennifer Kresl
Business Development, Canvas




Wednesday Marquee Presentation Sponsored by:



Embracing the Home Technology Fast Forward

While improved home infrastructure and recasting the "home office" to “the office” feels familiar by now, the
evolution of  RESIMERCIAL” and new sets of tools for businesses to thrive in a post-pandemic

and pre-whatever-is-coming-next era are creating new demands and opportunities for design professionals.

Michael–an MIT-educated aerospace engineer and serial entrepreneur of 30 years–will point out how the pandemic  has transformed the ways technology, design, and business are interlinked. He’ll also cover how designers, architects, and contractors can take advantage of this rapid shift to find better opportunities in the space, and how a lack of understanding can make it harder to survive in a constantly-changing landscape.

In this session, you will learn:
  • How the pandemic has made commercial design processes suddenly a lot more relevant to residential design.
  • How client demands have shifted, and how to take advantage of remote and virtual technologies to expand your market presence
  • How family and wellness will be the defining factors of design for years to come.
  • “The Only Constant in Life Is Change...” How to make your business more resilient to change, a view from 30 years of entrepreneurship.

Mike Oh
Founder, TSP


Networking and Refreshment Break in Monomoy

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Getting Custom Work Made: Ideas for Working with Artisans and Managing Client Expectations

Custom-made work is a hallmark of a luxury home. But ushering an idea through the gauntlet of client buy-in, vendor sourcing, and project management can derail an amazing concept before it flowers. Designers often rely on software programs to communicate ideas to clients and vendors. But when it comes to unique, hand-made custom projects – computer software provides only limited information. Working with a craftsperson requires more hands-on methods; modeling, sketching, sampling, mock-ups; real materials and really holding in your hands the possibilities. This presentation follows a custom project case study from idea to final form – highlighting how design technology affects production, and what is possible when you choose to work with a craftsperson.


Maria Martinez
Whetstone Workshop



Brand Building: Gain Luxury Clients Consistently

Do you feel like your firm is working hard but could be working smarter?
Your team's pipeline is filled with lots of one-off projects but you crave consistent high-profile clients with large budgets and second + third family homes. You want full creative authority and fewer clients with larger budgets.
Your group is tired and you are clear that there is a disconnect in your firm's brand positioning.

BUT your firm is in the weeds of the day-to-day business (managing, invoicing, sourcing - the list goes on) that it is hard to see the forest from the tree's. You and your executive team know you need to be seen as the "go to" leader in the luxury market for high-end clients to reach out to you, trust you and book you.

But your team needs support to...

  • Re-write your "Our Firm" biography page so you are seen as an expert.
  • Niche down and tell the world you specialize in luxury projects
  • Pitch Elle Decor and Vogue to land a glossy feature
  • Approach luxury trade partners so they fill your team's pipeline for you

Simply put, your group is overworked, running in circles serving clients - you have the big dream of consistently supporting luxury clientele  but don't have the time, clarity and strategy to make it all happen.

In this session, Rachael walks you through her signature coaching system on how to transform and fully launch in the luxury market by re-thinking the positioning of your personal brand through partnerships.

Key Takeaways:

-Identifying your firm's "special factor" + how to market it to land high-end clients
-3 secrets on the psychology behind the luxury marketing
-5 bullet points to write a VIP "Our Firm" biography

Rachael Bozsik
Harvard Business School Speaker
Strategic Branding Coach


Closing Remarks and Conference Adjourns