2023 Agenda


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Monday, May 22, 2023

12:00PM - 6:30PM

Registration for the Conference in the Monomoy building on the campus of the Chatham Bars Inn 

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Champagne Welcome and Conference Kick-Off in Monomoy

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Kathy Bush
Publisher, New England Home
Co-Founder, Luxury Home Design Summit


Opening Keynote: Thomas Kligerman

Opening Keynote: Thomas Kligerman

Thomas Kligerman, now based out of New York City, has dedicated his life to the study and practice of architecture. He grew up in a New England college town before relocating to the high desert of New Mexico. Tom's influences include his travels to France and England, and most recently, his time spent at the American Academy in Rome. His special interest is classic American architecture, from New England's Shingle-style houses to the pueblos and sandstone ruins of the Southwest. Tom will discuss his influences and interests—as well as the role memory plays in luxury design—as expressed in his most recent residential projects. The talk will feature work from his new book, Shingle and Stone: Thomas Kligerman Houses. 

Thomas A. Kligerman
Architect. Author, and Founder
Kligerman Architecture & Design

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Rethinking Materials for Design

As co-founder of the Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design,  Jonsara is a leader in the healthy materials movement. She centers her practice on designing interior environments that explore the human experience. She will present a primer and future-thinking download on the latest in materials; their impact on our health and the environment; as well as how to enact change in our industry to make the planet a better place for all.

Jonsara Ruth
Co-founder and Design Director
Parsons School of Design Healthy Materials Lab at The New School

4:45PM - 5:00PM

Monday Marquee Presentation by Grothouse

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Welcome Reception-  Chatham Bars Inn

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Book signing with Thomas A. Kligerman  during our welcome reception.

Join us for a special book signing with Tom Kligerman and his new book, Shingle & Stone: Thomas Kligerman Houses. The book is a full-career monograph that features a selection of inspiring residences that highlight the evolution of his architectural thinking. Shingle and Stone presents thirteen major highlights from Kligerman’s portfolio, including three projects currently in design.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023


Registration in Monomoy
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Breakfast at the Chatham Bars Inn Resort

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Welcome and Introduction


Adam Japko
CEO, Esteem Media
Co-Founder, Luxury Home Design Summit
Founder, Design Influencers Conference


9:30AM - 10:15AM

Keynote: The Urge to Act—How the World's Most Effective Leaders Resonate Deeper, Earn Trust Faster, and Build Their Brands and Legacies Better

Despite what social media influencers would have you believe, "reach" is overrated. Results come from resonance. And the ability to resonate is a learned skill.

Whether you want to align your team, hire top talent, earn trust with a prospect, or keep an existing client happy (and ready to refer you to others), your job as a leader is to connect in ways that accelerate trust, affinity, and action.

In this fast-paced, inspiring talk, author and show host Jay Acunzo will take you inside the process of how the world's best storytellers tweak their delivery in specific ways to resonate deeper and inspire action—no matter the audience.

Can you connect so deeply everywhere you communicate that you spark action? Because without action, you don't see results. 

Remember, the goal isn't awareness. It's affinity. Being known is nice. Being picked is vital.

You'll walk away knowing:
• The difference between being a good storyteller and an effective one
• The six types of stories every leader should tell to drive results
• A simple system to transform yourself into an inspiring communicator


Jay Acunzo
Author, Show Host, Brand Consultant






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Luxury and Sustainable Design: Yes, You Can Have It All! 

Learn how professionals across the design and construction spectrum are actively incorporating sustainable practices into the creation of luxury properties.

  • What current trends are driving innovation and change?
  • What stumbling blocks are we facing and how are clients responding to sustainable options?
  • What opportunities are emerging through the collaborative process?


Allison Iantosca
Owner and President
F.H. Perry Builder







Steven P. Siegel, P.E.
Siegel Structural Engineers





Mark Doughty





Eric Groft
CEO and Director
Oehme, van Sweden & Associates




Kimberly Jamerson






Treff LeFleche, AIA, LEED
Principal, Co-Founder and Architect
LDa Architecture & Interiors




Networking and Refreshment Break in Monomoy

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11:45AM - 12:30PM

Crossroads of Civic and Residential Design

Epstein Joslin Architects has focused on cultural destinations and distinctive dwelling architecture civic from La Jolla, CA to Bethesda, MD since 2002.  Founder Alan Epstein approaches his civic projects as places that are welcoming, inclusive, and inspire people to aspire to the highest personal and civic ideals. His mantra is creating community spaces that bring people together to vividly engage in the rituals, performances, and tasks that define their identities. Similarly, his residential projects support a healthy range of interrelationships of people with one another and with their surroundings, building environments that provide a healthy balance of social connectivity and personal privacy. In this talk, Alan will discuss the connections and influences between these two worlds of architectural design.


Alan Joslin
Principal-in-Charge, Design
Epstein Joslin Architects


How to be Completely Irresistible to Your Dream Clients

How would your business transform if you had unending dream clients just begging to work with you? Sandra Funk will give you the steps to attract and retain your ideal clients so that you become completely irresistible to them (and all of their dreamy friends).

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Go from having a target market to truly understanding and attracting your dream client
  • Get inside their head: understand what makes them tick, what makes them hesitate and what they cannot resist
  • 10x the value of your marketing when you speak directly to your ideal client's needs
  • Refine every client facing process in your firm to meet this ideal client exactly where they are
  • Create the kind of memorable client experience that gets shared

Sandra Funk is a trusted advisor and the celebrated design leader. Over 30 national press outlets - Elle Decor, Architectural Digest and House Beautiful, to name a few - have recognized Sandra for her award-winning designs and innate entrepreneurial spirit.



Sandra Funk
CEO and Creative Director
House of Funk


Lunch at the Chatham Bars Inn 

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Book signing with Eric Groft during lunch from 2:00PM-2:45PM

Eric Groft is renowned for his diversity in residential, commercial and institutional work. He prides himself in his sense of regionalism, attention to the vernacular, and work with cultural landscapes. His new book, BEYOND BOLD, features residential projects throughout the country, as well as high-profile institutional and commercial work, such as the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Memorial, American Museum and Gardens in Bath, UK, and much more.


Roundtable Sessions  - Session chairs and topics to be announced
Relevant topics within disciplines or cross-disciplines will be spearheaded by roundtable chairs during the second part of lunch -- space is limited to first-come, first-served.



Web3.0 and the Metaverse

Web3 technology can significantly benefit designers, developers, and architects when properly utilized. It creates transparency, protects intellectual property through immutable records, and adds tremendous efficiency to real-world processes such as production, procurement, and inventory management. Most importantly, it brings vision to life.

Rather than looking at Web3 as a standalone concept, ask yourself how it can enhance your current process. Modern technology has infinite potential to unlock a more accurate vision, leading to more efficient and informed execution. It can also scale client outreach with more personalized interaction and walkthroughs regardless of location.

Our objective is to gain a basic understanding of Web3 to better discuss and implement practices already utilized by large companies. We will review specific use cases and examples of effective Web3 and experiential campaigns. Then, we will review potential applications for this technology within the context of luxury home development and design.

What attendees will learn:

  • The differences and similarities between web2 and web3

  • Primary components of the Web3 ecosystem

  • Practical applications within the luxury home design industry

  • Web3 meets robotics and AI to create The Industrial Metaverse


Michael Huereque
Web 3.0 Lead
Samy Alliance


Housing Pulse

Deciphering and forecasting the housing market over the next two years is like walking a tightrope. Even the best industry analysts are spinning over increasing interest rates, inflation, continued supply chain challenges, fickle economics, an uncertain labor market, a rise in multifamily dwellings, and too many more variables to list. In this session, Danushka Nanayakkara-Skillington, assistant vice president of forecasting and analysis with the National Association of Home Builders, will offer up her always-competent analysis. Highlights from her presentation will include:

  • Impacts of the Federal Reserve's decision to aggressively tighten its monetary policy and the surge in interest rates
  • The weakening of single-family construction and the expansion of multifamily homes and remodeling of existing residences
  • A mild recession's impact on housing as inflation remains near a 40-year high

Danushka Nanayakkara-Skillington
AVP of Forecasting and Analysis
National Association of Home Builders


Tuesday Marquee Presentation by JB Sash & Door

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Networking Reception at the Chatham Bars Inn

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Book signing with Nina Campbell  during our networking reception.

Join us for a special evening with Nina Campbell and her new book, A House in Maine. The interior design of this New England seaside escape—by decorating legend Nina Campbell—explores a myriad of themes: the evolution of a home, the importance of place, and the creation of an oasis amid a bustling world.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


Registration for the Conference at Monomoy
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Breakfast at the Beach House Grill in the Chatham Bars Inn

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Keynote: Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell is Britain’s most respected interior designer and her list of clients and design expertise is unparalleled. Her clients have included the Queen of Denmark, Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, and HRH The Princess Sumaya of Jordan. Renowned for her brilliant sense of style, her designs appeal to both young and old, and sit well in both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Nina’s enthusiasm and interest in design and interiors was developed when, at the age of nineteen, she went to work for John Fowler at the prestigious Sybil Colefax & John Fowler. Shortly afterwards she set up her own decorating business, where one of her first commissions was to design a castle in Scotland.

Working with a large and trusted team of craftsmen in all the decorative fields, she is equally happy working with clients existing furniture and art or acquiring antiques and bespoke pieces to create a house ready to be lived in.

Building on the success of her Interior Design work, Nina was able to expand the business into opening a design studio, retail shop and furniture showroom as well as designing her own signature products across accessories, wallpaper, fabrics and furniture.

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Nina Campbell
Internationally Acclaimed Interior Designer
and Author



Your Website: The Most Under-Utilized Marketing Tool That's Killing Your Prospects

As the host of the Style Matters podcast for the past 7 years, I'm constantly pitched by industry professionals and their PR agencies who want an interview spot on the show. Which means I see hundreds of these websites. And guess what? They make my eyes glaze over because they all look Exactly. The. Same. And that's where you lose your prospects. Most designers, builders, architects and landscape professionals rely on their portfolios to make them stand out. We'll walk through what an ideal website looks like by taking a deep dive into:

  • Why most websites are failing to get clients (and in fact, turning people off)
    The critical piece your "About" page is most definitely missing
  • The problem with your credentials (no matter how impressive)
  • How to nurture your client through a sales journey (without being a sleazy salesperson!)
  • You'll walk away with a blueprint for your own website makeover and the confidence to carry it out.

Zandra Zuraw
Founder, Little Yellow Couch, and
Podcast, Style Matters



Networking and Refreshment Break in Monomoy

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AI and Home Design: How to Adapt and Thrive in a Changing Landscape

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most discussed, most publicized topic of 2023. But what is the practical application of various AI technologies in the home design space and how should businesses adapt to leverage AI tools in a responsible, business sustaining manner? This session will define the most common AI constructs and explore the real-world application of these tools for home design professionals.

Dustin Hayes
Sr. Director of Marketing




The Laws of Luxury: What Resonates with High Net Worth and Ultra-High Net Worth Prospects 

Luxury brands have a unique business model that attracts wealthy clients and drives higher margins. We'll address that model along with several other sacred cows, including why high net worth prospects aren't buying what you're selling.

What you'll learn in this fast-paced and engaging session:

  • Why those serving the luxury market won't have competitors if they adopt the laws of luxury
  • The concept of brand sanctity and why a high price is an asset
  • How to leverage the same strategies and tactics that drive success at Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and other luxury brands

You'll come away with a fresh and inspiring perspective on your business with strategies and tactics ready to implement on your first day back at work.

Chris Ramey
The Home Trust International and Affluent Insights


Closing Remarks and Conference Adjourns