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Here are a few posts from our attendees and their insights on why they attend our event.


I AM BACK from Los Angeles and the 2018 Design Bloggers Conference. It was a whirlwind. A Wonderful whirlwind... This was my 4rth DBC – each one has had its own identity. It has evolved along with Blogs themselves. Ironically – with each successive year – The actual practice of blogging; writing posts, content, is talked about less and less and this year – the  THREE THEMES were – in my experience  –
  1. Sponsorships and monetizing your blog
  2. Publishing and
    With  INSTAGRAM being my takeaway message. I will do a post later JUST about Instagram but for now….

BUT, There was more – so much more – It was not ALL about Instagram – we had invaluable talks on marketing and publishing…read more about Lesli has to say.



Recap of Design Bloggers Conference 2018

I attended my first Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles and it was everything I expected and so much more. I only recently started my own blog to share inspiration from design shows and markets with my clients, as well as to document my design projects. This conference was perfect for me because it exposed me to so many new ideas, blogging techniques and incredible people who have paved the way. One of the things I noticed right away was the camaraderie amongst the designers. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming to me and my daughter, Molly, who traveled along with me.

Yes, going to any conference can be expensive and time consuming. However, it can be a priceless experience when you up all the new contacts you make and the tools you can take back and put to work. Every interior designer who blogs or dreams of blogging should attend this conference. Next year we will be in Atlanta and I can’t wait to be back with hopefully a few success stories of my own! Read  the entire blog from the Grapevine Home.


The Design Bloggers Conference and five things you need to know by

I’m back from the Design Bloggers Conference in sunny LA.  The Design Bloggers Conference never disappoints. The speakers inspire and educate and I always walk away with fresh ideas and new goals. Honestly though, one of the best parts of the conference is reconnecting with my blogging friends and meeting new friends. The connections that are made are priceless.

One thing I learned from the Design Bloggers Conference is that blogging and social media in general is an ever changing beast. Just when I think I have it figured out, the rules change. Facebook and Instagram have changed their algorithms so fewer people see your posts. Facebook has already become a play to pay platform for business pages and soon Instagram will probably do the same.

Too bad there isn’t a single set of social media “rules” that we could all follow. I laughed when I saw this sign on exhibit at the Broad Museum in LA because this is what we all need!   Read more from Linda.

Design Biz What We Learned at Design Bloggers Conference by Deborah (at) dvd Interior Design Studio

I am back from Los Angeles and the 2018 Design Bloggers Conference.  Whether you are a designer who is looking for better visibility, or a design blogger looking to gain better insights, this is the "Event of the Year" for you.

This year was even more exciting for me.  I addition to collaborating with designers, bloggers, social media marketers, influencers, and brands, I was also a guest presenter for a DBC workshop offered on the first day!  During this session, I shared my thoughts and insider tips on the financial landscape for design bloggers. You can read more about Deborah's blog here.

Design Bloggers Conference Recap by Coddington Design

The Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles wrapped up a few weeks ago, so we wanted to give a quick recap of the amazing panel that Melanie led on SEO and interior design blogs, as well as some other events that caught our eye. Melanie was first drawn to The Design Bloggers Conference because she has been blogging since 2010 and enjoys meeting other designers and industry members who do the same....Overall, the Design Bloggers Conference was an amazing event as both a speaker and an attendee. With so many design channels created through social media and the internet, it’s great to bring these design community members together to participate in the unique intersection of interior design and the world of new media. Real the entire blog.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 2018 DESIGN BLOGGERS CONFERENCE by Allison Martin of Lighting and Decor

Each year, the Design Bloggers Conference gathers design-loving bloggers and interior designer bloggers together for a few days of networking and educational seminars. If you didn't make it out to Los Angeles this year, here's what you missed...

Embrace serendipity. Adam Japko, the Design Bloggers Conference founder and CEO at Esteem Media, opened the event with a thought on algorithms and the need to break free of them.

Social media as a portfolio and lead generator. It's easy to convince a room full of bloggers that social media matters, but in many seminars, it became clear that of all the platforms, Instagram seemed to matter the most.

Zig where others zag. In her keynote address at the end of the Design Bloggers Conference, designer and blogger at The Jungalow Justina Blakeney described the blogging scene in 2009 when she first launched The Jungalow.  Read the entire blog.

Bring Hollywood To Your Home  by Rachel V. Moriarty

I recently returned from one of my favorite conferences of the year, the Design Bloggers Conference held in Beverly Hills. It's my favorite event because Adam Japko, CEO of Esteem Media, always brings in top influencers in the design industry to give us invaluable strategies that we can implement in our own business but also introduces us to new-to-us locales in the area. This year we went to an event called Bubbles and Bites hosted at Hollywood At Home.  Read more of Rachel's blog.


Revolution Performance Fabrics attended and was a sponsor at this year's Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles, California. The conference has taken place for over five years and now has close to 400 attendees! The conference is specifically focused on the interests of interior designers, design bloggers and anyone who is using the web and blogger networks to grow their brand. There are seminars and break out sessions over the course of three days that discuss best practices and innovations in social media, blogging, e-commerce, digital branding, book publishing and more. Read more.

As time gets closer to the Design Bloggers Conference in March, you might be asking yourself this question.

"Should I go? Is it worth the trip?"

I'm sharing some of my takeaways from last year here today, and how they have impacted my interior design business and design blog.

Most of the time, a designer is so busy with design business that taking the time to learn all about blogging, best practices, and opportunities that can come from blogging, is almost impossible. Read Carla's entire blog.